from Ear Mountain Griffons

Choteau, Montana



Greg, I wanted to send you a picture of Sundance as he is now, at 70 pounds. We have not been apart since I picked him up at your house (what a great FRIEND). He is pointing & retrieving great. I had him duck hunting on the Big Horn late this past season and we did not loose a duck. Sundance loves the water no matter what the temperature is. What a wonderful dog. God Bless, Bruce

lacie Griffon

Lacie and her Boys

"Greg, Just wanted to check in with you and tell you how great our Lacie girl is.  We bought her from you in August 2009, her mother was Demi and father was Bullet.  My husband and I could not be more pleased with your griffon.  We took her pheasant hunting for the first time this season and she went on a natural point and held without any coaxing until our 12 year old son could walk past her and scare up the bird to shoot.  Since then, she has found us many pheasants!  She continues to impress us with her intelligence and natural hunting instincts.    And as a family dog, she has become a member instead.  She has been the easiest dog to train and have around us that we have ever had.  Our boys call her the “GOOF-ON” because she can be so goofy and playful.  We can’t keep her out of the water, we found her swimming around in the river during hot summer days many times.  She even chose to jump in to our 4 foot high kids swimming pool to join the boys!   Thank you for selecting such a perfect dog for our family!  Kim - Libby, Montana"



Freezeout Hunting


Hi Greg,

Frodo is a year and a half old now and an energetic,  smart, gentle, and happy member of our family.   He is still very much a puppy and loves playing with our kids and other dogs.   Our furry-faced boy is goofy as all get out and makes our family laugh on a daily basis.   Although Frodo will bark, he does so infrequently.   

 Frodo is very birdy, showing strong natural hunting instincts for searching for game, pointing and retrieving.   We have exposed him to upland birds and waterfowl and he seems to enjoy it all.   If there’s water around, he’s in it, and he is a good swimmer.   I have been very impressed with his relative patience in a duck blind, especially for his age, and the way he is constantly looking up, scanning the skies for birds.  In the uplands Frodo naturally adjusts his search distance to varying cover and terrain and is never “out of touch.”

 Frodo has been a wonderful addition to our family and is a good-natured and enthusiastic hunting companion.

 Steve Platt

Helena, Montana


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Giffers& Blair

Griffers & Blair

"Griffers is a wonderful dog,especially for a person with my lifestyle. He is an incredible bird dog with more points under his belt in his first two years than most dogs get in their whole lives. The only activities that rival his love for bird hunting is backpacking and most importantly fishing. For some reason the young lad loves watching me fish and can't wait to see what gets pulled out of the water.

Thanks again Greg for the wonderful dog and I'm looking forward to purchasing another when I'm able to."


Blair Van Antwerp 


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Yzabelle from Lou and Gifford's first litter in '07

Yzabelle at Nine Months

Dave and Cathey in Idaho got Yzabelle from Lou and Gifford's first litter in '07. Already, she is hunting and as you can see, is a gorgeous and expressive addition to their family. As the owners of another Grif, now 12, they knew what they wanted and made two trips for her. I am delighted that they are so happy with her. If you would like, please contact me for connections to them.


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Choteau's First Hunt With Gene

Choteau's First Hunt With Gene

Gene and his wife Tina bought one of the Ear Mountain Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies from the February 2007 littermates of Lou and Gifford. They called me a few months later, looking for a second Wirehaired Pointing Griffon pup. Since I had a twin to Lakota, they grabbed Choteau and now have two Ear Mountain Griffons. Although only 6 months old, Choteau was already field-performing, pointed several pheasants and made his first retrieve. (I was truly dumbfounded by the news that Gene died suddenly while hunting in South Dakota October of '07. We feel the loss here, and his and Tina's sharing of their exploits with Lakota and Choteau had become a regular and entertaining part of our connection to owners of our lovely Griffs. He will be so missed.)


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Broadway

Broadway Joe at Nine Months

Broadway is owned by Ken and Joyce in Washington. He is a pup from the February 2007 litter with Gifford and Lou.

As you can see, his conformation is incredible. Ken informs us that he is equally delightful as a companion and in the field.


Izzy is a pup of Owen and Demi who now lives with Brian and Pam in Spokane, Washington. Their latest quote is: "Izzy just continues to impress us with her natural skills. Not only is she beautiful, she is smart and easily trained." It is fun to hear how well these young Griffs are doing!




Mike, Wendy and Calvin are one of our a local Wirehaired Pointing Griffon families and have a pup from Gifford and Morgan. Hobbes is full of energy, a well-behaved family dog and an incredible hunting partner at his young age. Mike will let you know how easily Hobbes trains, not just for hunting, but in all kinds of different settings. Mike is familiar with other members of our kennel.

I have other owners and fellow hunters who may be available for reference, if you like. Please let
me know and I can make them available.


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