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Curry Wins Puppy Group

Curry Wins Puppy Group One (Courtesy Holloway Photo). About Curry

Curry, (GCH CH Ear Mountains Outlaw Kid Curry SH) is a dog I share with Dick Byrne, of Flatbrook Sporting Dogs of San Diego. Well, Dick took him to California, and before Curry became 15 months old, he was an AKC Champion, an AKC Junior Hunter (with a perfect set of 10s in one test) and he had his NAVHDA NA Prize (II). And then Dick sent him home to me. A couple months later, we decided to run him through the Idaho - Montana AKC Show Circuit and, in the process, he became AKC's third Grand Champion Griffon ever. In the process, with a lovely invitation from a collaborating Griff Breeder, we did an AI with him and produced a fine litter of pups (see more below). In June of 2011, Curry won his AKC Senior Hunter Title.

Curry has had prelim hip tests, has had blood work-up and eyes checked. He is a gorgeous specimen, right in the middle of the standard: 23" Tall and 25.5" Long (the ideal 9 to 10 ratio we seek) and he is about 65#.

But what is above and beyond those numbers and stats is that he has a wonderful, playful, relaxed disposition. He moves effortlessly through the fields, he gets along with other dogs and greets people with enthusiasm. And he has huge round classically expressive Griff eyes, a full set of head furnishings and perhaps most distinctively, a gorgeous harsh solid grey coat with just a rump spot.

His first litter, with Stonepoint's Emerald (CH Stonepoints Emerald JH) a beautiful girl from Stonepoint Kennels and owners Dominic and Susan Tarricone of Dayton , NV produced consistently harsh and dense coats, nice conformation and classic looks across the litter. As best we can tell, he will throw what he is. Susan tells me "You cannot say enough good about Curry." That says it all for me.

Curry recieved one of the top awards at last year's 2010 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. We are excited to offer him for select breedings, live and IA, across North America.

Here are a couple pictures of Curry

Outlaw Kid Curry

Kid Curry

About Bullet

In March of 2007, I imported Bullet, from an outstanding kennel in Quebec, Griffe D'Automne. Over the years, Martin Gagnon, the owner, has finely tuned his kennel to produce hard-driving, lovely and balanced Griffons from the best stock in Eastern Canada, the Northeastern part of the US and from imports from France. The results are obvious and we are delighted that Bullet has become such a lovely, engaging hunting dog and companion.

Now, at Four Years of age, Bullet has been letting me draw upon his heritage and I have been making it an integral part of my kennel. I now have several of his offspring mixed into my kennel and he has provided me and others with incredible pups over the past few years. I have retained the breeding of Bullet and invite you to connect with more about him.


Bullet WPG

The above photo, taken in April '10, captures the magnificant "Griff" coat that Bullet has.

You can see other pictures of Bullet throughout this Website.....

Bullet (Griffe D'Automne Silver Bullet)

Bullet (Griffe D'Automne Silver Bullet), is so named by his breeder, Martin, because he is all silvery gray, except for his full Chocolate and fire-tipped facial furnishings. His outer coat is long and medium dense and harsh and his undercoat is moderately dense, as well. He is about 62 pounds and 23.5" tall and 25.5" long.

At two years of age, Bullet became ready to actively be a sire. He is now nearly four.

Bullet was tested at NAVHDA NA with a Prize III (103 pts) at ten months.

Bullet is a gentle and calm domestic energy who greets all who visit. And yet, in the field, he is a loping, floating, gazelle who is beautiful to see in the field. He is one of the most photogenic dogs I have ever seen and his presence in the field is a joy to watch.

A year or so ago, I bred him to Shiksa, and her owner, Lori, watched Bullet in our fields and at the house and describes him as "The Brad Pitt of Griffons." The name is apt.

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