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Nine Sweety - Curry Pups

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Eve and Bullet

Eve is Razorsedge All Hallows Eve, born on Halloween in 2009 and she is about 50# and 20 1/2" tall, to my way of thinking, the perfect female Griff size. Her coat is coarse and even and she has a distinctive "mahogany" coloring that comes from her mother, "Millie's" (Firesides Million Dollar Baby) heritage. Millie was the Canadian CKC Show points champion for two years, and the structure and compositional lines Eve carries reflect those strengths.

Eve is also out of our own Gifford (Point Mountain's Sarge), who has sired Demi and others in our kennel. We love the calm balance, the intuition, the close and engaged hunting prowess and the readiness to learn that Gifford shows, even at his age now of eleven years. Eve has much of that as well.

We matched Eve to Bullet (Griffe D'Automne Silver Bullet) who has been with the kennel for nearly five years now, and has sired some of the nicest Griffs we have seen. As one of our breeder friends has said, Bullet is the Brad Pitt of Griffons.

As we have noted elsewhere on the website, Bullet is a NAVHDA NA Prize winner and regular hunting companion here in Montana. As a resident of snowy and forested Lincoln, Montana, Bullet has been exposed to nearly every form of critter that inhabits Montana. And he has even been called upon to locate a wounded elk lost in the brush near Lincoln, a task he completed in minutes. When Bullet is not chasing birds or seeking injured animals, he is the regular occupant of an office in Lincoln and the unofficial greeter there. There is no-one he doesn't like.

Bullet has a "fancy" coat. It is so unusual, I have never seen one quite like it. It is long, as Griff coats go, nearly 4" in places. But it is so coarse that it hangs in what I can only characterize as straight dred-locks. And the undercoat is so dark that the hue of Bullet's coat at times seems gunmetal gray. He prances and floats in the fields and moves about gazelle-like. Bullet is over 23" and weighs about 63#.

We think he is a perfect match for Eve and the two should make terrific pups. Neither Eve nor Bullet have any glaring sins to mask or overcome and both bring solid, playful and companionable personalities to the match. We look for sweet, gentle home dogs that love to race about the fields when out seeking birds.

Here are a few picture of Eve and Bullet:



Eve 2011


Suilver Bullet


Griffon Photo


Sweety and Curry

Sweety is also recently 2 years old. She is the jock of the kennel, a furious swimmer, swift racer and agile scaler of all things tall. She is just under 21# tall and weighs in the lower 50s. She is out of our own Demi and the stellar boy we described just above, Bullet.

Sweety (Ear Mountains Insouciant) has a gorgeous outer coat, longer than average, but harsh and growing grayer as she ages. Her furnishings (the distinctive hair that makes beards, mustaches and the distinctive Chewbacca look of the Griff, are what makes Sweety so singular for us. She has this wild, full and reddish tinged floppy hair on her head.

Despite a lot of juggling and being passed around before she tested, Sweety easily made a NAVHDA Prize.

Curry is featured elsewhere in this website. We matched him with Sweety to hone in on the positives they both share. Like Sweety, Curry is "sweet." He loves people and revels in rousting about in the fields. He is perfectly in the middle of the Griff Standard at 23 inches and he weighs about 65#.

When Curry was barely past being a pup, I engaged a partnership with Dick Byrne, of Flatbrook Sporting Dogs, and together we fostered Curry to take his NAVHDA NA test and prize there. He also quickly gathered a Junior Hunter AKC title and then moved through his Senior Hunt Title and now has a leg on his Master Hunt title. Dick saw that Curry had opportunities to shine in the show ring and Curry got his AKC Show title in just a few weeks. In 2010, we sent Curry out again and he became the Third Ever Griff Grand Champion show dog. And he won acclaim at the 2010 Eukanuba with an Award of Excellence there.

We matched Curry with Sweety to hone in on all that they represent: agility, ready to the challenge in the field, a relaxed demeanor at home, elegance, fluidity and determination while being docile and playful in the company of people of all ages.

Yup, it shows here that we are excited and eager with anticipation at the prospects of these two matches. Eve will likely have her pups about January 20th and Sweety will likely whelp around the 28th of January. It will be a busy month. Here are a few pictures of Sweety and Curry.

Sweety Griffon


Sweety AWPGA




Genie and Trappeur puppies were born January 6, 2012, with placement in early/mid March, 2012.


Genie (Ear Mountain's Engenue) is an offspring of Bullet (Griffe D'Automne Silver Bullet) and Demi (Ear Mountain's Demi) who recently came of age to have pups. She is the tallest and most muscular of the girls in the kennel, a quiet and balanced personality and a NAVHDA NA Prize winner. She has perhaps the best Griffon coat I have ever seen (I have seen well over 100 Griffs, including two National Griffon Specialties in 2009 and 2010. Her coat is incredibly dense, markedly harsh and about 3 inches long. And what I love about it is that it is uniformly gray, with two small spots symetrically on her rump and the base of her tail.

Trappeur (Ear Mountain's Trappeur) Is nearly four years old and a product of Owen (C/A Ch. BIS Owen des Dunes Du Captalat FDJ. CDX.. RNCL), one of the most celebrated Griffons ever and the sire of more than 20 litters over the past decade. Trappeur is also out of Lou (Griffe D'Automne Tiny Dancer) herself out of two very successful Quebec Griffs, Pipo and Samantha.

What I love about Trappeur is his style, stature and fluid movement in the field. He is elegant, rock solid and effortless as he flits about seeking points of interest. Trappeur had a perfect NAVHDA NA score and is actively hunted each Fall.

I chose Trappeur to match Genie because he is more in the middle of the Griffon Standard, while she is larger than average for a female (but still well within the standard). What I look for in this pairing is a solid balanced somewhat reserved temperament, great outer coat and coloring, to die for stature and stylish but dependable hunting companions.

Here are some pictures of this pair.

Genie and Trappeur

Genie & Trappeur

Genie And Trappeur

Trappeur & Genie



Ear Mountains Trappeur


Ear Mountains Engenue




Feel free to call or email about this promising litter. Deposits encouraged.

See information about the parents of our most recent litter (from Tate and Hobbes) below.


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For Pictures of Recent Litters, please look at the PUPPY VIEWS section of the Website. For a discussion of why I think you might be interested in a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, click on: CHOOSING YOUR PUP.

Litter Information & Pricing:

Placements for most litters will be made on a first deposit, first placed basis and placements will be made to match the pups to the stated preferences of the buyers.

We strive to have pups which are handsome (as Griffons go) and easy to develop their natural abilities to search, point, retrieve and track to produce outstanding field performers. No less so, they should consistently be ideal family dogs and cherished companions.

A $300 non-refundable deposit is required, and the deposit will be refunded only if no healthy pup is available for sale at the time pups are ready to be delivered. The balance of payment is due prior to shipment or pickup. Shipment, Transportation Certificates and Crating costs are the expenses of the Buyer. Call or email for information on pricing of one or more of the litters and let us know which litter and the gender you prefer (or must have).

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Pups are typically sold with an AKC Limited Registration which prevents random future breeding and permits our Kennel to support and promote ongoing Wirehaired Pointing Griffon excellence. Pups may be released from Limited Registration upon showing conformation, lack of defects and satisfactory OFA or Pennhip designation, according to the Purchase Agreement.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Pups may also be purchased with future intent to breed or with an arrangement to have their dog participate in the future of this kennel, provided that conformation, hip structure and absense of any noticable defects are observed. If spaying or neutering is desired, it is our strong recommendation that the pup is at least one year old before the alteration is undertaken to allow the full potential of the dog to develop first.

With more than 100 Ear Mountain Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy placements into loving and caring homes as evidence, quality of placement is our watchword. Recently, there has been some criticism of Wirehaired Pointing Griffon kennels deigning to treat puppy sales as “a placement” or “adoption.” Certainly, we appreciate that Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppies are not human infants. But our expectations that the lives we nurture into existence become cared for and cherished family members is still an important and very achievable goal - without which we would not have a kennel.


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