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A view of the Teton Valley over Choteau facing the Rockies

An Introduction to some of our Adults



Ear Mountains Curry

Grand Champion Ear Mountains Outlaw Kid Curry JH

2010 AKC Eukanuba National Championship Award of Excellence (photo courtesy of Roberts Photos)


Curry (Ear Mountains Outlaw Kid Curry) is an offspring of Gifford (Point Mountans Sarge) And Lou (Griffe D'Automne Tiny Dancer). Although he was born in January of 2009 and is not yet two years old, he is already an AKC JR Hunter, a NAVHDA NA Prize holder, an AKC Show Champion, one of the leaders among Griffs in North America for conformation show points in 2010, one of the first THREE AKC Grand Champion Griffons ever and most recently an Award of Excellence recipient at the AKC Eukanuba 2010 National Championship. In our collaboration and shared ownership with Dick Byrne, Curry has become a presence within the breed and promises to be a stalwart example of the wonderful character, prowess and abilities of Griffons for years to come and he is a part of our collaborative Kennel, Capstone Griffons, with two other spectacular Griffs, Fiona and Duecee (see Fiona below).


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon FIONA, (AMCH Ear Mountains Fiona Troisieme D'Owen JH, NAVHDA NA P-III)

(Picture courtesy of Steven Ross)


On March 21, 2009, Fiona attained an AKC Conformation Championship with her third major win since January of 2009. At 14 months, she had already earned her Junior Hunting Title and won a Prize III NAVHDA NA recognition. She is a product of our Demi and Can. Am. Ch. Owen Des Dunes Du Captalat FDJ. CDX. RNCL, who is owned by Shirley Flinn (see REFERRALS & EXPERTS). We are proud of Fiona and look forward to her continued companionship here, her hunting skills in the years to come and her potential as the mother of pups in the future. See the UPCOMING LITTERS and the Puppy Views for more information about Fiona's newest arrivals on December 20, 2010.

It is with a great deal of thanks and appreciation to Dick Byrne and his Kennel, Flatbrook Sporting Dogs of Valley Center, California, that Fiona was given the opportunity to compete. In the future, I look forward to the ongoing collaboration with Dick in continuing the pursuit of excellence with Griffons and in his participation with me in affording others with Curry and Fiona-quality family and hunting companions.


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon GIFFORD aka Point Mountains Sarge

GIFFORD aka Point Mountains Sarge

Gifford is formally named "Point Mountain's Sarge." He turned nine in January 2010, is the Sire of Demi, Curry, four litters of pups, and the grand-sire of Fiona.

He is 23.5" tall and 26" long with full facial and head furnishings, a marvelous medium length coarse gray outer coat and a dense liver under coat. It is a marvel that he dries from swimming in minutes. He ranges between 70 and 73 pounds, depending on the season and has a sturdy, powerful and muscular build. His eyes are full, round and wonderfully expressive. His upper lashes (gotta mention them) are at least 1 1/2" long.

His temperament is gentle, eager to please, intuitive and playful. He is my office greeter who meets people every day with never a hitch (except for the taxidermist). Even with persistent taunting by my grandson (now 7) he is absolutely docile and never even grumpy or testy, despite being crawled upon, hugged, chided, chased, leashed and led about by an insistent toddler. He rarely barks (on the order of once a month and then only when there are strange household sounds or intrusions)

His search is intense and fairly close-in when hunting and his point is steady. When in the field, he is in constant connection with the hunt group and he automatically shifts focus with every change in direction. He backs well, retrieves consistently, loves water and will ride in or on anything. Several summers ago, he and I took a weeklong canoe trip down the Missouri. His lineage is Herrenhausen on the sire's side and Wayfarer on the dam's side.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon GIFFORD aka Point Mountains Sarge


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Demi - Ear Mountains Demi, JH, NAVHDA Prize II

(Pictures all copyrighted by Greg Curtis, 2007)

Demi is a dog I have had since birth. From eight weeks on, it became more and more evident that she would be an engaging, adventuresome and deeply connective dog.

She is the Dam of three litters now and is just days (August 2010) from her fourth and final litter. She turned five in November, 2009.

DEMI'S Full name is: Ear Mountains Demi, JH, NAVHDA Prize II

Demi had a 107 NAVHDA NA score and Prize II (she shared the top NA prize with her littermate and one other pup); she is an AKC Junior Hunting Champion, securing the title in just one weekend, and has a leg on her AKC Senior Hunting Title.

She is 21 1/2" tall, 23 1/2" long and is about 49 lb in field trim. Her fleet athleticism is a sight to behold.

She has a harsh and tight field coat with ample undercoat and shorter facial furnishings; Her OFA is excellent.

Demi is highly responsive, easily trained, a most athletic and fleet performer; wonderfully adaptive around family, including very young children.

If you have seen the dog jump off the dock in the Purina TV ad, you will get some sense of her enthusiasm when you see her perform that stunt from the banks of a pond or stream.

Her three litters are now spread to homes throughout North America, from New Brunswick and New Jersey to Washington, Montana, Idaho and Saskatchewan, Alberta, Utah, California, Wyoming, and Pennsylvania . She is a fairly hot hunter for a Griffon, with an aggressive search 50 to 90 yards out.

Demi is AKC and NAVHDA Registered.


Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Bullet (Griffe D'Automne Silver Bullet NA P III)

BULLET aka Griffe D'Automne Silver Bullet

Bullet, or Griffe D'Automne Silver Bullet, is a native of Quebec and became three years old December '09. His marvelous composition, balanced field performance and gentle disposition makes him a perfect candidate to sire our future litters now that he is old enough to fully examine his conformation and ongoing hunt experience. Bullet was placed with an owner nearby and he is available as a sire as needed. See the "At Stud" page.


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